Blue Sapphire Stone :

Blue Sapphire Stone

The Enchanting Gemstone of Satturn Astrologer Suggestion for Birth Star Pooyam (Pushyami) Anusham (Anuradha) Uthirattadhi (Utharabhadra) Blue Sapphire Benefits & Blue Sapphire Astrology The Gemstone of satturn - Blue sapphire has enchanted mankind. It is true that the Gemstone can do more harm than good if not worn according to proper astrological laws. This Gemstone will show his positive or negative effect with in 3 seconds, 3 minutes, 3 hours or 3 days. It is recommended that individuals who desire to wear the Blue sapphire should go for a trial of minimum 72 hours to gauge whether the gem suits them or not. Variety : High Quality Blue Sapphire Shape : oval, Square